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Case Studies

Pupil Case Studies:

Our mission of Making every Moment Matter puts learners first, prepares them for their future and develops knowledge and skills which will allow them to thrive in adult life.

James’s Story – The school formulated an assess-plan-do-review approach. A bespoke curriculum was created for James which centred around his interests. His negative behaviours and anxiety calmed significantly and James began to embrace school life. He is excelling in Art and has an exhibition of his work is on display in Spalding Library.

Kurts Story“Kurts runs to the car when he knows he is going to school. The staff are amazing with him. Kurts is nonverbal but he has now learnt to understand fluent English and Makaton: this means he can now communicate which was a huge part of his frustration prior to starting.”

Bill’s Story“School was always a bad place for me. If I thought of school I would just think of being treated badly and crying a lot. This school is so different to anything like that, the teachers actually understand me and listen to my point of view about things. And it’s not embarrassing here if you don’t quite get something and you need extra help, the teachers just help you.”

Charlie’s Story“Charlie loves the outdoors, it is a sensory experience for her and the fact that Garth offer so much of this within their curriculum has been pivotal to Charlie’s progression and I honestly feel that they treat her like a queen.”

Staff Case Studies:

Matthew Bloodworth-Flatt (Headteacher)“I started in education as a Midday Supervisor then moved into a 1:1 TA role, supporting a pupil with SEND. C.I.T supported me on my journey to train as a Teacher, working in school with a one-day a week release to college. I am now Headteacher of Tulip Academy Spalding. A career in education has so many benefits. The job brings so much joy each day. I love watching children grow through the school making so much progression both academically and socially. It gives you a constant feeling of being proud of the process for that child.”

Claire Moore (Senior Deputy Headteacher)“It’s well known that I am passionate about working with children and young adults with SEND; supporting our pupils and their families brings me so much joy and working alongside such an amazing staff team is the ‘icing on the cake’! I share the same values as other members of the leadership team at Tulip Academy and feel we make a great team, maximising the potential for our pupils in all areas of their learning and development.”

Kathryn Greene (Lead Teacher – Formal Pathway)“I came into education as a TA. C.I.T then supported me to do my Teacher Training and Forest School Training. I’m now a teacher and part of the Senior Leadership Team at a special school in Spalding. I love my job, especially working with the pupils. Every day is different and you get to see a totally different side to the children, watching them grow from Year 7 to Year 11. It’s great to be on that journey with them.”

Toni Wand (Lead Teacher – Semi-Formal Pathway)“The cliché of “Every day is different” couldn’t be more true! I am humbled and inspired by the pupils and their families as they overcome challenges and barriers. The will, determination and resilience displayed by each and every pupil is overwhelming and I genuinely feel privileged to be a part of their education journey. I enjoy having the split role of supporting pupils “on the ground” in the classroom as a teacher as well as championing for better and advocating on behalf them within a leadership capacity. The ethos and mission of the school is in line with my values and beliefs. The child/young adult is at the heart of everything we do!”

Charlie Leuty (Lead Teacher – Pre-Formal Pathway) – Charlie has worked with Tulip Academy Spalding since September 2014. Charlie joined the school as an Apprentice Teaching Assistant. Since then Charlie has shown immense commit to her career progression studying to achieve a Primary Education degree with QTS. As of September 2022 Charlie will take middle leadership responsibilities for the Pre-Formal Learning Pathway within school.

Anna Wilson (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)“Without the support of staff and leadership I never would have progressed as I have. The support to grow professionally has been second to none. I have worked in many places and never experienced the support and belief in me that I have received at Tulip Academy Spalding. My self-confidence has improved dramatically. I love my job and am extremely passionate about always giving and getting the very best for our children and young people. I am truly honoured to work with these children, every day is a blessing. Even the tough days!”

Gemma Jones (Administrator)“From starting as an apprentice in 2017, I have been fortunate enough to progress through to an administrator at Tulip Academy Spalding. The school has been very supportive with my career progression by enabling me to constantly develop my skills and task me with new challenges. I have been a part of multiple training programmes which have been a massive benefit to my professional development.”

Natalie Flatters (Instructor) – Natalie joined Tulip Academy Spalding in September 2013 as a Teaching Assistant. Natalie showed continued dedication in supporting pupils to achieve their best and was appointed Intervention Mentor and Cover Supervisor in September 2017. In 2019 Natalie continued to evolve in her role becoming and Inclusion Mentor for Academic Interventions. Within this role Natalie also worked closely with the schools Designated Teacher to support those young people in care. As of September 2022 Natalie is an Instructor for Tulip Academy Spalding with aspirations of working towards QTLS.  

Hayley Wing (Instructor) – Hayley begun working for Tulip Academy Spalding as a supply Teaching Assistant. In 2008 Hayley had joined the school on a full time basis supporting mainly within the Science department and with new Year 7 pupils. In 2019 Hayley took on new challenges within the school and became a cover supervisor. Hayley enjoyed this role so much that it gave her the confidence to become a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. As of September 2022 Hayley is in the role of Instructor with aspiration of gaining QTLS.   

Abbie Winspear (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)“Tulip Academy Spalding has always felt like such a friendly place, everyone is always supportive. I have been supported throughout my career so far to progress into different roles, I have always felt content in all of the positions I have been given. I have had support from different staff to support with my university studies such as allowing me time to complete observations for my dissertation and other research projects.”

Lesley Perry (Teacher) – Lesley joined Tulip Academy Spalding as a Midday Supervisor in 2003. In 2004 Lesley began working within the classroom as a Teaching Assistant. In 2006 Lesley wanted to progress further with her career and was successfully appointed as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA). In 2015 Lesley completed her initial teacher training gaining Qualified Teacher Status becoming a full time Teacher for the school. During her time Lesley has worked at both our Springview and Waterside Campus.  

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