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New School Fundraiser

New School Fundraiser

As our school community already knows, we have a mission of ‘Making every Moment Matter’, which means putting our learners first. We prepare them for their futures and help them develop knowledge and skills which will allow them to thrive in adult life.

Learning outside is an integral part of Tulip Academy’s curriculum offer. Environmental-based education makes our school curriculum rich and relevant and gets pupils excited about learning. We also try to spend alot of time out and about in the community with our pupils to support their life skills learning.

To do this, we need transport.

The school currently has a fleet of three minibuses to transport 214 children. Two of these vehicles are old and will soon need replacing. We are fundraising for a self help contribution towards half the cost of a brand-new tail-gated minibus. We will then be applying to minibus charities to support with the other half.

Our professional and caring staff make a strong and dedicated team where every child and young person is treated with respect to ensure that their rights, needs and aspirations, personal preferences and pathways remain central to the school’s organisation. We want our pupils to be empowered and to benefit in the future from a meaningful and rewarding adulthood.

If you can help in any way, however small, please use the link button below to donate:

Thank you for any support you can give.

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