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Career Education and Working in Partnership

At Tulip Academy Spalding, we strive to ensure all pupils are fully prepared for adulthood and life after school. This preparation takes many forms, due to the complex and bespoke needs and abilities of our pupils. 

We recognise that effective careers learning contributes to raising aspirations, improving motivation and overcoming barriers to success regardless of ability. As such we prepare our students for the next stage of their life whether that be in education, living, experiences, careers and beyond. Detailed information regarding our Career Education provision can be found within our Career Education policy – link below.

Despite destinations being varied for our pupils Post 16 and 19, we ensure the transition process is rigorous and individual – to cater for our pupil’s bespoke needs. Transition meetings, in addition to EHCP Review meetings, are held with parents/carers and external professionals. For Post 14 pupils and their families we offer a transitions fayre evening to which all parents/carers are invited to gain information from a variety of provisions. All Post 14 pupils also access a rolling programme of inclusion at Boston College and/or adult social care provision in the local community. This supports our pupils, their parents/carers and staff at school to make informed decisions regarding appropriate adult social care provision and/or further education settings – and the courses pupils would like to study. The impact of this robust transition process is that successful placements are secured in alternative provision once pupils leave Tulip Academy Spalding. Destination information for school leavers can be found below. This document highlights the successful transitions year on year at Tulip Academy Spalding.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via email; claire.moore@tulip-cit.co.uk

Many Thanks,

Claire Moore, Careers Lead

Content reviewed March 2023.

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