Tulip Academy Spalding is part of C.I.T Academies  |  Tel: 01775 725 566  |  email: enquiries@tulip-cit.co.uk

As a CIT School we adopt and follow all the Trust Values of:
• Honesty and Integrity
• Aspiration
• Professionalism
• Inclusivity

Alongside these we have our own school values that work within the community we serve:

Vision and Values

Our mission of Making every Moment Matter puts learners first, prepares them for their future and develops knowledge and skills which will allow them to thrive in adult life.

Our vision is to create a first class infrastructure that influences education and enables outstanding lifelong learning

To achieve this all members of Tulip Academy Spalding aspire to and are accountable for the following shared values.


As a school we are committed to building supportive and collaborative working relationships with all key stakeholders built on trust with a focus of always putting the pupils needs first and providing an inspiring, secure and safe learning environment.


Providing the best possible provision is a priority for our school. To ensure we can effectively support each pupil we are committed to developing and sharing our collective knowledge of special educational needs and how this may be a barrier to learning.

Life Skills

Our schools curriculum is developed to prepare our pupils for their future in the wider world. An important part of this is developing life skills so they can be resilient and independent young adults who can persevere through the many challenges they may face.


Collectively we are committed to creating an environment of acceptance and belongingness. Allowing everyone to feel part of our caring and supportive school community, with equal access to high quality teaching, learning and therapeutic support.

Personalised Our successful approach to education focuses on creating adaptive and personalised opportunities which respond to the pupils needs.

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