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Inclusion Team

Many children, at some point during their educational life, may need extra help to succeed in school.  Their need may be low level and short term but depending on the nature of individual difficulty could be longer term or more specialised.

At Tulip Academy Spalding, the Local School Board and Staff are fully committed to ‘inclusion’ and continue to develop innovative and effective systems of support that are underpinned by a strong inclusive ethos.  This ethos respects and values individual difference; capitalises and builds on strengths; celebrates success and achievement; recognises, understands and responds supportively to individual needs and limitations; continually reviews and revises practice in order to ensure the highest possible standard of provision.

Our ‘Inclusion Team’ brings together a wealth of experience and specialist training to support the needs of children at Tulip Academy Spalding.  Team members work together with all members of the school community to overcome barriers to learning thereby maximising opportunities for success.

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