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Home School Agreement

As a school we will:

– Provide a safe and happy environment where all pupils are valued, respected, listened to and included.
– Provide inclusive teaching, personalised support and a bespoke and meaningful curriculum offer that meets pupils special educational needs.
– Foster an environment that promotes positive social, moral, spiritual and behavioural standards.
– Achieve high standards of behaviour by providing opportunities for children to develop positive social relationships, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.
– Support and teach your child to develop a positive attitude to others regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, background and/or ability.
– Work in partnership with parents, carers and a range of other professionals to promote every pupil’s personal development and well-being.
– Regularly share the progress of your child through routine reporting, regular parent/carer consultation meetings and annual EHCP reviews.
– Provide information to you about our school, including relevant policies, meetings, workshops, and events by keeping our website up-to-date, routinely sharing information via Parentmail and updating an annual calendar of events at regular intervals.
– Respect the confidentiality of information regarding each child.  

As a parent/carer I will:

– Make sure my child attends school regularly and arrives at school on time with the correct uniform and equipment.
– Let the school know of any concerns or worries that may be affecting your child’s learning, behaviour or well-being.
– Regularly read information on the website and that distributed via Parentmail so that you are kept-up-to-date with important details of relevant policies, meetings, events and information about your child.
– Talk to your child about school activities relating information received from school, i.e. timetables, menu, items in the home school communication book. 
– Support the school by encouraging your child to develop a positive attitude towards every member of our school community and beyond.
– Support your child’s learning by engaging your child in activities linked to planned topics as outlined within curriculum planning available on the schools website.
– Attend parent/carers evening and EHCP review meetings. Support the school by attending school functions such as sports day and fund raising events. 

As a pupil I will:

Follow our Principles for Positive Progress

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