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Semi-Formal Pathway

Semi-formal learners access a semi-formal curriculum which is a subject based curriculum, delivered using semi-formal methodology.

The semi-formal class groups have succinct and subject based over-arching topic themes which lend themselves to an exceptionally high quality of teaching and learning opportunities most pertinent to individual needs and abilities and how these pupils learn best.

In addition to a subject based curriculum and over-arching topic themes, our semi-formal class groups in Key Stage Four and Five also access an enhanced, broad and enriching array of educational experiences and activities, focusing on independence, social communication, vocational and daily living skills and the development of skills and knowledge most pertinent to our students once they leave Tulip Academy Spalding.

Inclusion visits at local colleges and adult social care settings, internal and external work experience opportunities and the world of careers also play a crucial part of this curriculum. AQA Accreditation is provided at Pre-Entry Level.

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