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Why is full attendance important?

We want all of our pupils to take full advantage of the opportunities provided at Tulip Academy. Data shows that there are strong links between poor attendance and underachievement. Good attendance supports achievement, positive wellbeing and helps pupils to form good habits that prepare them for adult life and the world of work.

Safeguarding our pupils

As the vast majority of our pupils travel to school by taxi, good communication between home and school is paramount to ensuring pupil safety and wellbeing.

When a pupil is absent, the school must be notified of this and of the reasons for this before expected arrival at school (8:45am). If the school is not provided with this information the school will immediately contact home to request this information.

The school must have accounted for all pupils by 10:30am every day. To do this, we will call home for all pupils who have not arrived and who we have not received an absence notification for.

What we do

We will contact you on the first day of absence if you have not informed us why your child is absent.

We will send you attendance statistics termly.

As required, offer bespoke intervention, based on the needs of your child and social circumstances, with the view to support an increase in attendance. (Please refer to our Attendance Provision Map attached map).

If you would like to discuss your child’s attendance you can contact the following staff members:

Kathryn Greene (Assistant Headteacher) (07795 259540)

Matthew Flatt (Headteacher) (07464 483105)

Claire Moore (Senior Deputy Headteacher) (07837 745682)

Katie Beeby (Designated Safeguarding Lead) (01775 725 566)

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