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Learning in the Natural Environment

Learning outside is an integral part of our schools curriculum offer. Environmental-based education makes our school curriculum rich and relevant and gets pupilss excited about learning. Learning in the Natural Environment supports the development of…
Personal Skills – Ranging from technical to social skills such as tolerance, caring, group awareness and self-discipline. Research skills involving the understanding and management of the natural environment are developed and specific skills such as gardening and cooking to using digital cameras and microscopes. In addition to this pupils have the opportunity to use their imagination and be creative.
Attitudes and Behaviours – By consistently learning in natural environment pupils begin to appreciate, respect and show care for the environments around them.
Health and Wellbeing – Links between contact with the environment and personal health are well-established. Exposure to the natural environment can lower the effects of various mental health issues that can make it difficult for students to pay attention.
Self-efficacy and Self-worth – The positive developments on an individuals health and wellbeing can have subsequent improvements in feelings of self-worth and self-efficacy.

Our ‘learning in the natural environment’ provision is made up of the following strands:

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