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Life Skills Flower Arranging

Life Skills Flower Arranging

Flamingo Flowers in Spalding invited Tulip students to visit them recently in an attempt to support them with a work experience opportunity and to learn new skills.

The programme is to create opportunities that will enhance life skills which will lead to paid employment for the future.

Here is what Flamingo Flowers had to say:

“It was a pleasure to have such an enthusiastic group of students with individual needs, come to Flamingo. During the whole experience they were engaged, asking questions, and following instructions and guidance.

We made it as inclusive as possible and showed them the whole process from the flowers arriving on site, to being boxed and moved to cold store ready for despatch. The pupils then had the opportunity with our NPD team to create a hand tied bouquet.

The Year 11 students’ attention to detail was amazing and the bouquets they produced were brilliant and they were all very proud of them. We are looking forward to next Tulip Academy visit.”

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